Pneumatic and Contact Online’s debut compilation.

Pneuma, the forthcoming compilation by Australian label Pneumatic attempts to illuminate Australia’s underground music scene. A collaborative release with CONTACT Online, Pneuma releases on the night of lunar new year, 12/02/21.

PNEUMA is Pneumatic’s debut release, a label with a focus on boundary pushing club music. Over the past year, Pneumatic has thrown a host of events within the Perth music scene. With Western Australia’s rapid approach to COVID 19 restrictions, WA quickly reopened as a COVID free state. Pneumatic saw opportunity amongst chaos, acting upon the clean slate that was left from lockdown. After a number of live events, Pneumatic approached us about collaborating on a compilation tape. Both parties felt there was a significant lack of coverage within Australia for emerging alternative artists, and by combining forces Pneuma was born.

Pneuma is the driving creative force within us. We understood that many of our Australian counterparts were nowhere near as lucky as us, with some states spending months in lockdown. Something we wanted to convey with this project was the importance of creativity in a time where it can feel pointless to try. We realised the only thing keeping us stable in this time was an unwithering urge to create – a force stronger than us. Pneuma is the ultimate force within us, the drive to express oneself by any means necessary. A driving concept within Pneuma was the expanse of time. When trapped within 4 walls, days blend together, weeks become months. When one looks at the stars, all else falls away. Time stops. No matter where we are in Australia, we are looking at the same stars. Our unique night’s sky is something that unites us, a vessel for hope when it is so easy to feel powerless. Pneuma is an exciting look at Australia’s young producers, pushing sonic boundaries and creating art in a time where it is so easy to feel insignificant.

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