LISTEN: Scan – TreeHuggers EP

Australian rapper Scan brings a new wave on his debut.

Djubuguli (Sydney, Australia) based artist Scan’s debut EP TreeHuggers is a 5 track project featuring production from Walker and Cashcache

Scan’s approach to rapping on this project comes across as laid back on tracks such as Tennessee Freestyle (feat. Kissyboi), Grand Slam and CC. Other tracks such as Treehuggers and Neiman Marcus are playful and emphatic, met with lyrics to reflect the feel. Scan’s lyrics often reflect his Australian background which gives the listener a fresh perspective on Australian rap, which often is met with a love/hate reception.

The title track, Treehugger, features a glitchy and energetic instrumental from Walker, accompanied by tongue in cheek lyrics. With his Australian background in mind, Scan jumps from referencing Australian hardware stores (“I’m on 10 like I was Mitre” or “Jim’s lawn mowing because I got grass”). These lines, among many others throughout the project are a statement to Scan’s unique musical style and personality. Treehuggers is tight, running at around 15 minutes total, making for an easy listen. Many of these tracks are already in rotation among our favourite current releases. 

The overall feel of TreeHuggers is fun and lighthearted, an easily consumable project that gives the listener an insight into what is to come from Scan and his contemporaries in the future. 

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