LISTEN: Laces – Field Fallacy XVI EP

Naarm based artist releases a shimmering debut as NLV Records’ latest signee.

Naarm (Melbourne, Australia)’s very own Laces debut EP Field Fallacy XVI is a euphoric and unconventional collection of club oriented tracks. This EP features breathtaking collaborations from MAXIMAL LIFE, Ninajirachi and Darcy Baylis. Laces has sculpted an ethereal project comprised of tightly woven production and ideas that transcend ones average electronic music release. Each track is filled with unique intricacies, whether it be fragmented vocals or elasticated drums, Laces’ perfectionism truly presents itself in the highest regard.

The introductory track and first single Sunvocus is an otherworldly production summarised by Laces himself as: “Sunvocus is the figurehead of this EP for me and has been for the longest time. Many WIPs and ideas have been rinsed through this project but this song stuck out to me as a real tastemaker for the kinds of sounds and imagery I wanted to imply with this project.” Sunvocus is the perfect tone setter for this project as it continues on into unfamiliar territory.

3k (feat. MAXIMAL LIFE) is an interesting contrast as it dives into cloud-rap/hyperpop themed production. Laces approaches this track influenced by Airynore’s Without U, as Laces told: “This track just reminded me so much of the reason why I fell in love with Sydney internet club music labels like NLV Records and Sidechains, and so perfectly captured the epitome of the turning point of my musical adolescence in 2016-2017.” The track features MAXIMAL LIFE’s glitchy vocal harmonies to accompany this trap/club hybrid.

The Ridge was the second track to be released from this EP through a premiere on Mixmag. This post-club/baile funk combination is a percussion driven, straight to the point club instrumental. The cover art for this single features a Bionicles-esque creation by Oliva Rawlings which accurately represents the futurism and simplicity of this track.

Djubuguli (Sydney, Australia) based Ninajirachi and fellow NLV member joins Laces on the track Prosperity to create as Laces put it: “a cascading post-pop exploration of what Nina and I felt like that day.” Riddled with samples from 70s animated Russian films and anime, this track feels like a personal insight into the collaborators interests that influence their stylistic choices.

The emotional ballad Drop My Cell featuring Darcy Baylis is a broken yet delicate blend of strings and vocals. The addition of Darcy Baylis’ vocals to this evolving instrumental remodels this track into a shattered and fragmented pop song. The vocal processing can only be described as one of a kind. The pair of artists seem to join styles in a unique and unmatched way.

The closing track Eucalyptus acts as the metaphorical beacon at the end of this intricate labyrinth of productions. It starts as a rising blend of wind instruments, impacts and vocal chops to meet a peak that then transforms into a beatless array of pads and ambience. Laces describes this track as “the project’s stylistic anchor rounding off the recording.”

This project is unlike anything in its vein. “This EP is the result of my obsession with internet dance music culminating in a couple years of just production and clubbing,”Laces mused.“I spent my time producing hoarding a lot of unreleased music, getting wrapped up in the idea of making songs that were to some kind of impossible standard.”

Supporting the release of Field Fallacy XVI, you can catch Laces on his Australia tour throughout April and May in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. 

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